Supply Chain Management 6285

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Nonprofits & Foundations

Search these resources to learn more about US nonprofit organizations in the food sector,  their corporate partners and funders.  

Supply Chain & Operations/Logistical Technologies

Use these resources to find operational practices, technology solutions and innovation in adjacent/proxy  industries, (food manufacturing, wholesale, retail etc).

Policy & Legislation

Locate government and private sector research and legislation related to all aspects of the food pipeline, including food deserts, farmers market locations, population density by income, state and federal legislation and food program policy evaluations and more.

Industry & Market

Find insight on industries that will inform food “farm to table” practices as well as demographics.

Articles & News

Search these sources for articles from trade & professional organizations, business news outlets and more.

Research Articles

Find academic research articles on topics related to food, logistics, technologies, policy and more.

Case Studies

Use these databases to locate case studies on a variety of topics - nonprofits, organizational structures, supply chain management and more.

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