Resources for: AGRO/ANSC 3203W

Agriculture databases to start with:

Then try any of the following:

How to find resources by format
Where to find resources by format type, such as data, dissertations and theses, government documents, and primary sources.

Interdisciplinary Databases:

Conference Proceeding Databases:

Tutorial: Choosing a research paper topic

Choosing a research paper topic tutorial video. 4 minutes.
After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:
  • Find ideas and language on a topic using online tools and techniques
  • Use techniques like mind mapping, the 5W’s, and freeform writing to narrow a large topic

Tutorial: Evaluating sources

Evaluating sources tutorial video. 3 minutes 27 seconds.

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how evaluating sources is an important part of the research process
  • Use evaluation techniques like timeliness and authority to find good sources
  • Use clues from library databases, abstracts, and articles to evaluate a source

Preventing plagiarism

Use these tools and services to learn how to incorporate outside researchers' thoughts/concepts/words/phrases into your own work.

What is a citation manager?

A citation manager is a software tool used to create personalized databases of citation information and notes. They allow you to:

  • import and organize citation information from article indexes and other sources,
  • export your citations into Word documents or other types of publications,
  • format citations for your papers and bibliographies using APA and many other styles, and
  • include your own notes.

Choosing a citation manager

Citation managers

Feature Zotero Mendeley (not recommended) EndNote 20 EndNote Online
Cost Free Free Price options Free
Styles Many citation styles Many citation styles Many citation styles Fewer citation styles
Plug-ins Microsoft Word, Google Docs Microsoft Word (not compatible with UMN Office 365) Microsoft Word Microsoft Word
Access Desktop/Web Desktop/Web Desktop/Web Web
Storage 300MB free 2GB free Unlimited 2GB free
PDF reader yes yes yes no
Editor integration Word, Google Docs Word Word Word
Sharing Unlimited Limited Unlimited Limited
Support Zotero support Mendeley support EndNote 20 support EndNote Online support
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