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Finding Background Information on Food & Chemical Substances

Encyclopedias are a good way to get background information. They provide a broad overview of your topic and put it in the context of what is already known about the subject. 

References are included at the ends of articles to point you to further information. The long reference lists are a good way to identify useful articles. See this tutorial on finding an article when you have the citation in hand

Finding Food Science-Related Articles

Use an article index or database to find articles on your topic. An article index gives you information about articles such as article title, abstract, author, journal or magazine name, issue, and year. Sometimes the whole article is included. If not, you can often link out to it. 

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Libraries & online resources available during COVID-19

The UMN Libraries spaces are different due to COVID-19 AND we are here to help with your research online!

Studying at the Libraries during Covid-19

Four of our largest libraries are open - Wilson Library (west bank), Walter Library  Health Sciences Library (east bank), and Magrath Library (St. Paul). These spaces are open for current U of M students with U Cards. Per University guidelines, masks are required. We have reconfigured furniture and are requiring physical distancing with one student per table. You can reserve a study room - one person per room. The coffee shops in Wilson and Walter are closed. Read through our FAQs for more details on visiting. 

Getting physical materials from the Libraries

If you know the item you are looking for, search by title or author or search by your keywords in Libraries search. You can go to our open libraries to find your items or browse the stacks. Or sign in to Libraries search and place a “get it” request. You can pick up items at one of our four open buildings — Wilson Library, Walter Library, Health Science Libraries, and Magrath Library — or have them delivered to your office, home, or residence hall. You can also request to have part of a book or physical item scanned and we will send it electronically with our Digital Delivery service. Read through our FAQs including details on checking out and returning materials. 

Get research help online! Schedule an online consultation!

Help isn’t available in our spaces this semester, instead use Chat with a librarian 24/7, schedule an online consultation with a librarian or schedule a 30 minute virtual appointment with a Peer Research Consultant (a.k.a. peer tutor for library research).

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