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An evidence-based clinical decision support tool. Contains over 3,000 topic summaries covering diseases, disorders, diagnostics, and drugs with extensive references to journals and practice guidelines.

Database Information: DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is an evidence-based clinical reference tool:

  • Contains more than 3,400 topic summaries across all disciplines.
  • Updated daily based on surveillance of over 500 journals and critical appraisal of the best articles.
  • New evidence is selected and incorporated into existing monographs based on guidance from DynaMed editors, clinical editors and 1,500 physician reviewers.
  • Levels of evidence are included along with ICD-9/10 codes and American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) drug information summaries.
  • Used in hospitals, medical schools, residency programs, group practices and by physicians, nurses, medical researches, teachers, students and many other healthcare professionals at the point-of-care.  

DynaMed Plus is available to University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff on and off campus and there is a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The DynaMed Plus App does not require internet.  


Searching DynaMed Plus

To search DynaMed:

  • Begin entering your search term(s) in the search box.

    As you type, DynaMed topics and searches matching your terms appear below the search box.


  • Select a DynaMed topic under Go To to go directly to the topic or select a search term under Search For to view a result list.

    You can also also click the Magnifying Glass in the search box at any time to view a result list.

  • DynaMed displays a Result List. The topics in the Result List are ordered by relevance, based on the term you entered. Note that the term(s) might not exist in the topic title.

    If an exact match for your terms is available, it appears above the Image Results.

  • Click a topic title to view the full topic or click the menu icon to the right to view the section headings of the topic..


  • Click a section heading to go directly to that section of the topic.



  • To browse DynaMed topics by specialty:
  • Click the Specialties menu link.

    Specialties Menu


  • Choose a specialty to browse.



  • Continue making selections until you find a Topic to read.

    Link to topic


  • Your chosen topic is displayed.



Exporting Results From DynaMed Plus

To share a DynaMed topic by email:

  1. From a DynaMed topic, click the Share icon on the right.

  2. A new email message is created in your desktop or mobile device email client with a link to the DynaMed topic in the body of the message.

  3. Complete your email message and click to send it.

You can also print any topic using the printer icon on the top right.


Personal Account in DynaMed Plus

Creating a Personal Account to Access DynaMed

You can set up a Personal Account that allows you to use all of DynaMed's personalized features, including CME. With a Personal Account, you can sign in to DynaMed from anywhere, including the browser on your mobile device and the DynaMed mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

To set up a Personal Account:

  1. Click the Sign In link in the top toolbar of the screen.

    Sign In link
  2. On the Sign In screen, click the Register Now link.

    register now link
  3. On the Register for a Personal Account screen, enter an Email Address and password to be used as your log in credentials.

    Note: When creating a password, ensure your password meets the following criteria:

    • Must be at least 6 characters long
    • Must contain at least one special character
    • Must contain at least one number
    • Can not contain any words that are excluded. (e.g."dynamed" and "ebsco")
  4. Complete the fields in the Your Information area and click Register.

    register for personal account form

Auto Alerts /Following a DynaMed Topic

Following a DynaMed Topic

Following DynaMed topics allows you to receive email notification when they have been updated. In addition, when signed in with your personal user account, your followed topics and updates are displayed on the Home screen.

To follow a topic in DynaMed:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to DynaMed with your personal user account.

  2. From a DynaMed topic, click the Follow (plus) icon to the right of the topic title.

    Follow icon

    The alert pop-up box is displayed

  3. Select to receive Practice-Changing Updates Only, All Updates, or to view updates on the DynaMed Home screen while receiving no emails.

    Follow options

  4. Click Follow.

  5. Once a topic is followed, you receive confirmation that you elected to follow the topic and receive emails.

  6. Returning to the Home screen, you’ll see updates to Followed topics under Recent Updates. You’ll also see a full list of your followed topics pinned on the right for quick access under Followed.

    Followed topics on Home screen

Note: If at any time you would like to stop following a topic, you can click the Follow icon on the topic to stop receiving updates.

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Mobile Access Instructions for DynaMed Plus

Dynamed Plus

UM-Subscribed One of the better sources for current best evidence on a wide range of conditions Mobile app does not require internet connection and is available from the iTunes and Google Play stores. To download, go to DynaMed Plus and then click the "Get the DynaMed Plus Mobile App" link at the bottom left of the page. Enter your @umn.edu email and you will be sent instructions on how to set up a Dynamed Plus app.

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