EDHD 1525W: First Year Inquiry

Researching disability

Disability Studies is a field that examines disability through sociological, political, and cultural lenses. It is interdisciplinary by nature, encompassing a broad range of academic disciplines. 

For in-depth research help Use the Advanced Research Guide on Disability Studies

Example keywords to use in Library databases to search for sources
Please note that some terms used to describe disability concepts and related areas, especially historical and older resources, may be offensive and outdated. 

  • disability or disabilities or disabled
  • disabled person
  • ableism or disability discrimination
  • ableism or ableist
  • visual disabilities or visually impaired or visual disorders
  • deaf or hard of hearing or hearing impaired
  • physical impairment or physical intolerance or physical disability
  • invisible disability or invisible disabilities
  • learning disability
  • inclusion
  • inclusion or inclusive education or mainstreaming
  • Critical disability studies
  • Essentialism
  • Social model of disability
  • Medical model of disability
  • Care ethics
  • Eugenics
  • Blindness
  • Disability access
  • Deaf culture
  • Disability rights movement
  • Determinism
  • Ableism
  • Universal design
  • Crip culture
  • Accessibility
  • Disability justice
  • Independent living movement
  • Self advocacy movement

Example article databases to search to find articles

Sample of ebooks connected to these topics:

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