ESCI 3002: Climate Change and Human History

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Look Up Articles, Pay $0.00

You found an article but it says you have to pay for it. Do this instead:

If it doesn't show up, THAT'S OK. Interlibrary Loan will get the paper for you. Click the link below, choose the article form, and fill out all the article information. They'll email you the PDF! For FREE!!!

Scientific magazines

Look up your topic in these professional magazines...

  • Elements from the Geochemical Society
  • EOS from the American Geophysical Union
  • Geology Today from the Geologists' Association and the Geological Society of London
  • BAMS from the American Meteorological Society (or view and search open access articles)
  • Archeology Magazine from the Archeological Institute of America

UMN Library Databases

Look up your topic in these databases. You'll find books, articles, and reports that match your search terms. Use these instead of random Googling.


You can also look up your topic in these major journals...

Basics of library research

Pay attention to the author of the source and the audience of the source.

That will help you decide whether the source is

  • Journalism
  • Science outreach
  • Science news (for scientists)
  • Scholarship

You should prioritize primary and secondary sources.

  • New research in a reputable journal
  • Government documents
  • Research reports
  • News reports filed by reporters (not analysis or opinion)
  • Interviews

A secondary source is an authoritative analysis of a primary source.

  • Review articles
  • Scholarly analysis
  • Textbooks
  • Dissertations

Your sources should be written or reviewed by an EXPERT IN THE FIELD.

Like a scientist or journalist. 

  • Look up words, phrases, or concepts you don't know.
  • Find more information about the authors of the sources. Is it written by someone who does research in that field? What is their field/department? Is it written by a science writer, aka a journalist who reports on research?


How to read and understand scientific articles

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