FSOS 1461 - Presentations at Work

Library guide to aid you in your research as you develop your final project


This library guide will help you in research as you develop your presentation relating to a social policy issue. Your specific topic may require you to use additional resources not on this guide. Feel free to request an appointment with me to discuss your topic using my appoinment link https://z.umn.edu/BookScott . Or reach out to a Peer Research Consultant - they're super helpful!

Use the left sidebar menu to navigate through this guide. The first page was developed by my colleagues and has some excellent advice on considering bias and perspective in the resources you find as well as in your search process. How do the words you search on influence the results? How about the places you search? How does the person creating the resource have an authoritative voice? Are they speaking from their lived experience? Are they scholar - and if so, is the source peer-reviewed? Have others commented on the piece? 

Whenever you do research try to not to approach it as "once and done". Instead try searching with different words and phrases, and look at a variety of databases, websites, and other sources.

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2023 1:12 PM