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Libraries & online resources available during COVID-19

The UMN Libraries spaces are different due to COVID-19 AND we are here to help with your research online!

Studying at the Libraries during Covid-19

Four of our largest libraries are open - Wilson Library (west bank), Walter Library  Health Sciences Library (east bank), and Magrath Library (St. Paul). These spaces are open for current U of M students with U Cards. Per University guidelines, masks are required. We have reconfigured furniture and are requiring physical distancing with one student per table. You can reserve a study room - one person per room. The coffee shops in Wilson and Walter are closed. Read through our FAQs for more details on visiting. 

Getting physical materials from the Libraries

If you know the item you are looking for, search by title or author or search by your keywords in Libraries search. You can go to our open libraries to find your items or browse the stacks. Or sign in to Libraries search and place a “get it” request. You can pick up items at one of our four open buildings — Wilson Library, Walter Library, Health Science Libraries, and Magrath Library — or have them delivered to your office, home, or residence hall. You can also request to have part of a book or physical item scanned and we will send it electronically with our Digital Delivery service. Read through our FAQs including details on checking out and returning materials. 

Get research help online! Schedule an online consultation!

Help isn’t available in our spaces this semester, instead use Chat with a librarian 24/7, schedule an online consultation with a librarian or schedule a 30 minute virtual appointment with a Peer Research Consultant (a.k.a. peer tutor for library research).

Example keywords and search terms

  • Covid-19
  • coronavirus
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • "novel coronavirus"
  • pandemic or epidemic or outbreak
  • influenza
  • epidemiology 
  • public health
  • superspreader event or transmission
  • health disparities
  • low incom
  • health equality
  • at risk populations or vulnerable populations
  • health insurance or uninsured or heath services accessibility or underinsured
  • race
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • sexuality
  • disability
  • minority health

Groups of people differ in terms of disease incidence and prevalence, disease course, and health outcomes. 
Research in this area includes:

  • whether or not there are health disparities for a given condition for given groups of people
  • what those health disparities are and what impact they have on the group and/or society
  • what is causing those health disparities (genetics, environmental conditions, cultural conditions, access to medical care, differential treatment, etc.)
  • how identified health disparities can be eliminated (educational interventions, improved screening, etc.)

It's important to remember that many people are members of multiple groups affected by health disparities, such as a Latina who is underinsured living in an urban area a transgender teen living in a rural area." 

Information on health disparities

Find sources (search article databases)

Find sources - health science journals

Library guides on doing research on Covid-19

Covid-19 and Coronavius Research Guide (finding sources and articles ABOUT Covid-19)

  • Use this guide to get started finding sources and articles ABOUT Covid-19, coronavirus, pandemics and epidemics for your undergraduate research papers. 

Covid-19 for Health Sciences Researchers, Students, and Professionals

  • This guide is intended for health researchers, educators, clinicians, and students seeking various types of information about COVID-19 or novel coronavirus. We refrained from listing individual sources as a number of aggregate sources are quickly populating the Internet. Instead, we point you to types of aggregated resources based on the information you might need (e.g., dataset, meta-analysis, training resource, etc.). This guide is a collaborative effort of the Health Science Library and engineering liaison librarians for the health sciences disciplines.
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2020 11:47 AM