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Provides access to drug information resources, including drug identification, packaging information, interaction and contraindication information, drug prices, international formulations, occupational safety sheets, safety in pregnancy, and more. Include

Database Information: Micromedex


MICROMEDEX is a suite of databases offering comprehensive drug, disease and toxicology oriented information for health care professionals and patients.

The Databases

  • DRUGDEX® System - Peer reviewed, evidence-based drug information including investigational and nonprescription drugs
  • Index Nominum - Trade names, synonyms, formulas and therapeutic classes for international drugs
  • MARTINDALE - International drug information including investigational and herbal drugs
  • Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer - Expert-reviewed drug monographs including patient counseling guidelines
  • POISINDEX® - Ingredient information on commercial, pharmaceutical, and biological substances with treatment protocols
  • TOMES® System - Medical and hazardous chemical information: workplace safety, emergency response and regulatory compliance
  • Reproductive Effects - Suite of databases: REPROTEXT, REPROTOX, TERIS, Shepard's Catalog of Teratogenic Agents
  • DISEASEDEX™ Emergency Medicine - Evidence-based acute care information
  • Imprint Codes in Identidex® - Identify drugs using imprint codes, color and shape
  • Complete Drug Interactions - It provides drug-drug, food-drug, drug-allergy, drug-alternative medicine, drug-ethanol, drug-laboratory, drug-tobacco, drug-pregnancy, and drug-lactation interactions and screens for ingredient duplication
  • Mobile MICROMEDEX for Smart Phones

Searching Micromedex

The Keyword search box is available on every page in Micromedex. On the Home Page it is prominently displayed below the toolbar. On all other pages it is located in the upper right of the page.   Use the main search box to search all the databases at once.

Search Term Retention - When you enter a search term it stays in the Keyword search box until you enter another term or until you select a tool from the toolbar. This helps to give context to search results as you navigate through subsequent pages.

When you type in the Keyword search box the drop-down list opens as soon as you enter three or more characters and makes suggestions based on what you type. For example, if you begin typing "dabigatran," the drop-down list suggests a drug name and dosing, adverse effects, indications, and interactions for the drug.

There are landing pages for Drug, Disease, Toxicology, and Alternative Medicine information.

Landing pages consist of three tabs:

  • Quick Answers
  • In-Depth Answers
  • All Results

Search for topics like interactions, drug identification, and toxicology using the tabs

Compare drugs side-by-side; search for drug interactions; and find patient information

For more information on searching Micromedex, see the Help or download the User Guide (pdf).


Exporting Results From Micromedex

Results from Micromedex searches cannot be emailed or saved, but can be printed using the print icon.

Mobile Access Instructions for Micromedex

Free Micromedex® Drug Reference (For Internet Subscribers)
UM-Subscribed.  "Provides clinical care professionals with on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted drug information, including concise and critical information on more than 4, 500 search terms such as drug interactions, adverse effects, and adult and pediatric dosing." Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Go to the Micromedex Disclaimer enter Micromedex, and click on Mobile Application Access at the top right hand corner of the screen.  Follow the steps to download the app under Micromedex Native Mobile Apps (offline access, included with content subscription).  

Micromedex Drug Interactions

UM-Subscribed.  Allows you to enter various drugs and find out if and how they interact. App does not require an internet connection and is available for iPhone and iPad. To receive the code to enable the full version, please go to the Micromedex Disclaimer, enter Micromedex, and click on Mobile Application Access at the top right hand corner of the screen.  Follow the steps to download the app under Micromedex Native Mobile Apps (offline access, included with content subscription).  

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