Nature Heals Exhibit


The Libraries are hosting a Nature Heals Exhibit in four of our locations over the 2019-2020 year.

Visit each location to deepen your connection with nature and learn about the benefits of viewing and being in nature. 

  • Fall Nature Heals Display - Oct. 18 -Dec. 20, 2019  Magrath Library (St. Paul)
  • Winter Nature Heals Display - Jan. 16 - Mar. 13, 2020 - Wilson Library (WestBank, Minneapolis)
  • Spring Nature Heals Display - Mar. 13 - May 15, 2020 Walter Library (East Bank, Minneapolis)
  • Summer Nature Heals Display -  TBD 2020 - Bio-Medical Library (East Bank, Minneapolis)

Exhibit Statement

How does your environment affect your overall wellbeing? Did you know that being in nature not only reduces stress but can also boost exam scores? There is a growing number of research studies that support the many issues facing people today - issues that include depression, anxiety, and stress - are due, in part, to our separation from nature.

The Nature Heals display is a "dose of nature" to restore and refresh your overall wellbeing.  The display is a collaboration with the University of Minnesota's Libraries, Landscape Arboretum, and Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing. Come and experience the healing power of nature for yourself.

What's so healing about nature?

The benefits to human health and well-being are reasons why time spent in a garden or outdoors is an increasing area of focus in the scientific literature. Research studies have found that time spent outdoors in nature helps to:

  • relieve stress9, 10
  • increase memory performance11
  • boost creativity12
  • enhance attention13, 14
  • improve the quality of sleep15
  • influence the quality of life for those who struggle with dementia and mental illness16, 17, 18

Free Admission to the Arboretum

Free admission to the Arboretum during the month of January 6-31, 2020. 

Check out 20 activities to do at the Arboretum in January. 

Free Posters!

Pick up your free poster with an image from the Arboretum at the exhibit! Collect all 4 seasons! 

nature heals posters for each season (rotating images)



Nature Heals Logo" of the most important things that any of us can do for ourselves, those we love, people throughout the world, and the living systems that support us all is to connect with nature. That connection can start in the simplest of ways, beginning in childhood and renewing through all the stages of life. It can take many forms, and occur in many ways. It requires places and spaces for people to connect with nature’s richness and complexity from backyards to apartment rooftops, on city streets and rural roadways, on school grounds and in urban neighborhoods, from wild protected areas to urban parks. Connecting with nature helps to bring us all peace and good health, and provides the foundation for resilient, healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies to thrive and remain for generations and generations to come."

The preceding quote is from the report Home to Us All: (Links to an external site.) How Connecting with Nature Helps Us Care for Ourselves and the Earth (Links to an external site.), and used with permission from the Children & Nature Network, ©2018.


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