Resilient Communities Project: Mobility Hubs

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Resilient Communities: Mobility Hubs

Locate basic demographics and other community profiles information from the Met Council

Research Articles:  A few examples
Selected search terms include:  transit hub; connectedness; last mile; commute; network design; transit oriented
Find more research articles in the following databases:
Search reports by nonprofit organizations and government agencies.  A few examples:
Visualize selected data points using PolicyMap
Search more community data points in PolicyMap
percent of people who used other transportation to work
First Mile/Last Mile Solutions from American Public Transportation Association
Check out the special collections of the Center for Transportation Studies at the UMN.
Find more nonprofit reports using the following databases:
News Sources - local and national.  
Search the following for additional news:

Books in the UMN Library collection.  Use  Library Search to find additional titles of interest.

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