Resilient Communities: Evaluating Stable Homes, Stable Schools

Use the resources on this page to support your program evaluation work.

Article on Stable Homes, Stable Schools from

Program Evaluation: Sources for skill development & professional practice

Learn more about professional program evaluation requirements, including best practices, survey design, statistical evaluation and more.

Find additional applied and practitioner resources in the following databases:

Sage Research Methods 

Sage Knowledge


Policy Context: Research & Data

Multiple sources can be reviewed to locate policy reports and scholarly research on the subject of student educational outcomes and housing.  Here are a few examples.

The following shows the residential trend of homeless children in Minnesota. Locate extensive state-by-state details on homeless students from the National Center for Homeless Education.


Heading Home Minnesota and the Homework Starts with Home pages at Minnesota Department of Education  / Minnesota Department of Housing offer extensive insight on recent efforts in Minnesota.  



Now, use the following databases to locate additional issue and policy materials on the topics related to student success/achievement.

Policy File Index 

PolicyMap (visualize data on your topic of interest)

Statistical Insight (find statistical data and policy documents at every level)

National Conference of State Legislature - Education Legislation Bill Tracking - learn what other states are doing.

Proquest Congressional (for CRS reports on national policies)

Academic research can provide excellent insight into questions of programmatic intent and outcomes.  Here are a few articles:

Note, the author of this work is faculty at the University of Minnesota and has done extensive research on the topic.

Locate additional articles like those above using the following library databases:

Web of Science (multi-disciplinary)

Sociological Abstracts

Education Source



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