Employee Arrest / Jailed

Resources to help identify employment patterns of employee arrest, incarceration.

Policy Reports and Polling

Legal & Regulatory

examples from CCH HR Compliance Library:

¶40,810, Overview: Issues concerning arrested/incarcerated workers HR Compliance Library,

¶40,812, How should you deal with an employee who has been arrested? HR Compliance Library,

¶40,815, Examples: Arbitration decisions concerning arrested/incarcerated workers HR Compliance Library,

¶40,831, What should you do if one of your employees gets arrested?

See, for example laws from all 50 states:

Pretrial policies:  state laws

Calculating Absenteeism Costs, prepared by Return to Work

Statistical Sources

Bureau of Labor Statistics

A few examples:

BLS absenteeism


Employment cost trends


Data on absences from work


Annual total separations rate by industry and region (total turnover)



News & Research Articles

UMN Faculty & Related Research

Professor Joe Soss, Humphrey School.  A recent article of possible interest: Page, J., Soss, J. & Piehowski, V. (2019). “A Debt of Care: Commercial Bail and the Gendered Logic of Criminal Justice Predation.”RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences., 5(1), 150–72.

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