ARTH 5774: The Body in Indian Art

Essential Resources

Each kind of research requires its own specific approach. With all of the electronic resources out there in the world, it is important to understand that there is much material that is available only in print.  Good research materials on Indian Art History are mainly available as print books and journals, so you'll need to get into the Ames Library (in the sub-basement of Wilson) and work with our outstanding collection of print materials.  For this work, the Library Search is a better friend than google.

PRO TIP:  when you find one good source of information, use the citations in the bibliography, footnotes, or reference list in that book or article to lead you to other sources. Then use the bibliographies and footnotes in those other sources to lead you to still other sources, including not only books and journal articles, but also Primary Sources. This is often a more effective way of conducting research than repeated searching.

Key Reference Works

Key Online Databases

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