Online Workshops

We've transitioned many of our workshops to an in-person, online format. Check back - we'll be offering more soon!

Self-Guided Online Training

Whether you've had to miss a scheduled, in-person workshop as a result of the University of Minnesota's closing to combat COVID-19, or you simply prefer self-paced, online training, check out these third party tutorials and guides as alternatives to our regularly scheduled workshops!

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Instead of attending a Make Art with Code workshop, learn to code online from home

Code! Programming with P5.js - P5.js is one of the easiest creative coding tools to get started with, and Dan Shiffman is famous for his tutorials. This playlist walks through how to use P5 and teaches you Javascript concepts along the way.  Experienced coders can skip ahead or check out his other videos.


Instead of Introduction to 3D Design, design 3D objects using TinkerCad

We recommend using Tinkercad when you are getting started with 3D design and learning how to combine simple shapes to make complex objects. They have a wide range of guided tutorials and projects to get you started.


Instead of attending a Cricut or Roland Vinyl cutter workshop, get started by learning about vector images and Cricut's Design Space software

Instead of attending Introduction to Sewing and the Sewing Machine in person, learn to sew at home

Instructables, itself a great site for the maker community, offers a comprehensive, free hand sewing course.

If you have a sewing machine available, Liesl Gibson, a pattern designer, offers a series of free, step-by-stp videos on YouTube. Check out her beginner skills tutorials:


Instead of attending an in-person Bullet Journaling workshop, get yourself organized from home

Check out our Bullet Journal guide prepared by Breakerspace maker, Tiffany Reichard.

Last Updated: May 6, 2021 12:53 PM