Media Assignment Support

This page describes the Library Media Service instructor media assignment development support.

Media Assignment Support

Library Media Services provides comprehensive course support for the integration of media assignments into teaching and direct support of student media projects at Walter, Magrath, Wilson and the Health Science Library locations. Contact Scott Spicer for additional information.

Media assignment development support

Though media projects generally offer rich learning experiences for students and faculty, determining how to integrate a student media assignment into your teaching requires several important considerations. Library Media Services will work with you to refine your assignment. We focus on:

  • articulating media assignment learning outcomes
  • guidance on assignment structure and grading rubrics
  • guidance on technical considerations for student media production and composition
  • providing an overview of and facilitating additional campus media support services
  • guidance on copyright/fair use, academic integrity in media, online publishing, and permissions
  • facilitating subject librarian support for better quality student research in media projects

Media assignment classroom outreach

Depending on the context of the media project, the Media Outreach Librarian will often make a class visit to present on topics related to media production and available support resources on campus. This presentation is generally customized to specified project needs but may include topics such as effective media composition and technique, media production process, backing up project files, technical hardware/software use, using mixed media, format considerations, copyright/fair use, and citing sources in media projects.

We have found that the understanding of benefits and support needs for student media is often a long-term iterative process. In keeping with our philosophy of tailoring support to the project needs, we will sometimes also:

  • offer a custom hands-on workshop to address a weakness observed in prior projects
  • provide co-instruction with the subject librarian to improve use of research
  • design a support document to reinforce key project information

Direct student media production support

Assignment development is just the beginning. Once they begin work on their projects, students often require production support assistance.

The Media Outreach Librarian in collaboration with other stakeholders provides guidance and coordination between the classroom and media creation services offered in our library spaces.  Specifically, we offer the following services:

Note: All services are free to students, staff, or faculty. Priority may go to students during times of heavy demand. Large media project support for faculty may be limited, see media partners such as OIT Video Solutions or college level programs (e.g., CEHD Academic Technology Services) for larger professional media project support.


Project debrief and assessment

While we place a premium on the value of the production process, one of the most rewarding aspects of media support is viewing the final project. Viewing the media and perhaps, discussing afterward provides us an opportunity to consider the student experience and how well the project met stated learning objectives.

We want to know: What worked? What didn't? What subject knowledge/skill sets did the students gain from this experience? Where might future support be needed or additional opportunities for assignment refinement?

After the projects are complete we will often come to a public class screening and may request samples of student work to share with other educators. We might also request Media Services performance feedback from the instructor or debrief meeting to discuss the project so that we can continue to refine the assignment collaboratively as well as our media support services.

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