UMN Libraries - Tips for finding space for zoom classes or meetings

Use this guide to find spaces for a zoom meeting or class in the UMN Libraries and around campus.

TL:DR (too long: didn't read): 

  • We have 10 libraries on campus. All students can use all of our libraries. 
  • Bring headphones (or check them out from a Library service desk)
  • Bring your UCard. Your UCard is your library card. Use it to check stuff out, print, etc.
  • Walk around the different floors of our libraries. We have chairs, tables and desks scattered around. Try these spaces.
  • We have about 60 reservable study rooms in our various libraries. They are busy and in demand. Reserve for up to 2 hours per day up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • If a study room is empty, you can use it but you maybe be kicked out at any time by those with a reservation.

Most of the libraries aren't "quiet": 

Unless a space is specifically designated and labeled “quiet” -- you CAN talk (or participate in a zoom meeting) in most of our libraries spaces -- in the same way you would if you were having a conversation with a person next to you or the same as if you are attending a zoom class or meeting.

Where can I find an enclosed study room where I can attend an online class or meeting?

Although reserving a study room might be the best option --- we have a limited number of rooms. Keep in mind that unless a space is specifically designated and labeled “quiet” -- you can attend a zoom class or meeting in most of our spaces. Bring headphones. Most of our libraries have different floors and generally you can find a quiet corner with a bit of privacy. 

To explore our spaces -- use our Libraries Spaces.

To find a reservable space -- select "reservable" using the filters. You can reserves a space up to 2 hours per day up to 2 weeks in advance. All of our libraries are open for all students -- so you can reserve a space in library you haven't or don't traditionally use. 

Use the filters to search for spaces.

Other suggestions:

  • You can use empty classrooms across campus for studying or zoom classes or meetings. 
  • Try the study space finder

How do I reserve a study room in the UMN Libraries?

To reserve a study room -- pick the library and room you are interested in. You can use our Libraries spaces list to explore capacity. Then click on the the boxes with available space. Click "confirm times." Log in if you need to. Enter your group name (optional). Click "confirm my registration." You will get an email confirmation. This email will include a link to cancel you reservation. 

Click the boxes with the times you want to reserve.

Can I just sit in a library and attend an online class or zoom meeting??

Yes -- most areas in the Libraries can be used for quiet talking and attending an online class. Most of our libraries have different floors and generally you can find a quiet corner with a bit of privacy. Bring headphones.

How can I find an empty classroom to use?

General purpose classrooms are available for individual and group study when not being used by a class or event. Check out the Classroom Search for more information on classroom features and availability. A QR Code is posted outside all general purpose classrooms. Scanning it with your mobile device will bring you to today's schedule for the building.

To view classroom schedules:

1.) Search for the building or part of campus you want to potentially study in. 

2.) Limit to a specific building. For example, Appleby Hall has 13 classrooms. 

3.) Browse the photos and pick a classroom. You can see the features of the space.


4.) To view the room schedule -- click "room and building schedule" in the lower right corner to view the schedule.

5.) Look over the schedule and look for gaps which indicate the room isn't scheduled with a class or event. On the let you can see the room number. In this example 102- ApH is room 102 Appleby Hall. You cannot reserve a classroom for studying or attending a zoom meeting but it gives you an idea that the space should be available. 

How can I find study space in other campus buildings?

The Study Space Finder is a website and app. It can help you to find study spaces all across campus. If you use the map feature on your phone -- you can use it as you move around campus. It can help to identify hidden study spots in buildings you aren't familiar with.

This tool does NOT include a feature to reserve a space but it can help you to find more spaces for studying. You can select spaces based on noise level -- so if you need to attend a zoom meeting -- try "chatter" or "low hum." 


Last Updated: Jan 25, 2024 12:44 PM