Covers the activities associated with the physical burial of the dead.

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  • Funeral Directors' Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting
    This handbook is designed to acquaint funeral directors with the vital registration system in the United States and to provide instructions for completing and filing records of death and fetal death. Emphasis is directed toward the responsibilities of the funeral director in handling these certificates and reports and in obtaining proper authorization for final disposition of a dead body. Background information is included on the importance of these documents for legal and statistical purposes and specific instructions for obtaining the necessary.
  • Funeral Rule: 16 CFR Part 453
    Text and supplemental documents.
    • Complying With the Funeral Rule
      • Aimed at professionals in the funeral service industry, the Federal Trade Commission defines who in the funeral service profession must follow the Funeral Rule, which was created to protect the interests of consumers needing funeral services or goods. 
  • FTC Funeral Rule
    A guide for consumers from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • Mortuary Science Section: Minnesota Dept of Health
    • Licenses funeral homes, crematories, morticians, funeral directors and oversee cemetery regulation. Regulations are set forth in Minnesota Statues 149A.
  • "Choices" Information on the regulations and requirements of the final disposition of a dead human body in Minnesota
    • Booklet prepared by the Mortuary Science section answering the most common questions asked by consumers.
  • Minesota State Laws & Rules
    • Laws and statutes that govern the Minnesota Funeral Industry and cemeteries

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