We are seeing the beginning of a new, very different publishing model for 21st century scholarship: Open Access. Peter Stuber, one of the leaders of this movement to reclaim scholarship from the private sector, defines open access (OA) as "literature [that] is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions." There are more and more repositories being set up across the globe where dissertations, article pre/post-prints, data, and other information can be stored - and available for use (with proper attribution) by other researchers. The following is the beginnings of a list of such resources available for students, staff, and faculty here at the University.

The University Digital Conservancy: University of Minnesota's Own Repository

What we used to call the University Archives has morphed into the 21st century as a place where all types of information, data, and research can be stored. Our repository will not only preserve these wonderful resources, but give you a permanent location - that won't change when publishing houses are bought/sold or when someone changes jobs. You can search the UDC's website or people can find your work in Google-types of web searches. More information on UDC is at this link: 

Crowd Sourcing - A New Approach to Research!

Today research is global, the internet is a key tool and resources are finding new audiences, new discoveries, new alliances, and collaborations. Here are just a few interesting examples of this important trend.

The Importance of the Historical Record

If data collection, analysis, and professional management is a new area for you, check out some of these sites for information and advice:

Search Engines & Megasites to Help You Locate Repositories

Today, open repositories are coming online daily. Finding the best place to store or find content can be challenging. Each of these search engines can make your task a bit easier:

Archaeology - Related Open Access Data & Reports

Anthropology Repositories

Biological Anthropology Repositories

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