Sacred spaces: Anthropological aspects of sacred landscapes and monuments

Places such as Mecca, Lourdes, St. Peter's Basilica, Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Chimayo, Mt. Kailash, Benares, and the World Trade Center are visited by thousands of pilgrims each year. Even in our state, there are many places - cemetaries, burial mounds, landmarks, etc. - that have similar intrinsic value, to contemporaries or in the past. This guide is intended to provide you with information on key reference works, databases, web sites, collections and organizations that may be useful to you in studying these sacred landscapes and places.

Finding books, journals, and other materials

If you need to find articles, books or other materials, you will need to use MNCAT to determine whether or not those materials are available here on campus. Other major online catalogs - to search the holdings of libraries around the world - are also included. To access any materials not owned by the University Libraries, you will need to use our interlibrary loan services.

Handbooks and guides

These books are intended to give you an overview of the field and tips on finding information and resources.

Encyclopedia and dictionaries

These types of resources help you to get an overview or better understanding of some term, place or philosophy. We have hundreds of encyclopedia and dictionaries here in the Libraries. For something more specific to your needs, check MNCAT and search by keywords.

Atlases and maps

The University Libraries have thousands of maps and atlases available. These are just a few of the atlases which might be useful to you in your study. For a complete list of our holdings, use MNCAT.

Core scholarly databases and indexes

The University Libraries provides access to over 200 online databases and indexes as well as many more in print and on CD-ROM. If you need assistance in selecting the right database for your project, ask at any reference desk.

Key websites

Googling, you can find thousands of pages on this topic. Here are just a few sites with good information and links for your research.

More guides to help you find the information you need

Key campus libraries and collections

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