Resources for: Health Services Management

This guide covers search tools for research in topics related to health services management.

Welcome & overview

Welcome to the resource guide for Health Services Management! This guide is curated by me, your librarian Stephanie Sparrow. On this first page of the guide you will find resources for conducting research within this discipline. This includes links to databases that are subject specific, as well as some suggested key terms that will help you develop a search strategy. You will also find resources on culturally appropriate health care.

On the left-panel you will see a tab called "Presentation Tutorials". If you visit this page you will see a variety of tutorial videos and guides on creating effective and clear presentations.

Start with:

Possible Keywords to Try in Databases

  • Health services administration
  • Healthcare administration
  • Healthcare executives
  • Healthcare management
  • Healthcare industry
  • Healthcare managers
  • Health information systems
  • Health planning
  • Health policy
  • Health status disparities
  • Healthcare disparities
  • Hospital administration
  • Insurance, health
  • Medical policy
  • Health care reform
  •  Public health administration

Then try any of the following:

Also check out:

Culturally appropriate health care

A person’s culture is multifaceted, and culturally appropriate care requires a holistic approach. Some important factors include religious fasting holidays, cultural views of mental illness, and family structures. Taken together, knowledge of these factors can support respectful conversations between providers and patients and enhance the health care experience. 

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