Clothing and Dress/Fashion research for Non-University of Minnesota Students

Welcome! Explore our library treasures. Magrath Library has a rich and robust collection of books and periodical on historical and contemporary clothing/dress and fashion. Let the party begin!

Computer Use of Databases for Non-U of M Researchers


I am not affiliated with the University of Minnesota, can I still use the databases?


Yes, visitors and researchers may stop by at a library

service desk to sign up for a computer workstation card by presenting

a valid government issued photo ID. The card will give the visitor

up to 2 hours of computer access per day and is valid for 6 months.

After 6 months, the card may be renewed.

Finding Articles in Databases

Electronic Archives of Fashion Periodicals

Get access to complete digital editions of these periodicals, including covers, editorials, advertisements, etc.



Print Journals in Magrath Library

Art, Gout, Beaute: Feuillets de l’Elegance Feminine (Published 1921-33),  

Magrath has scattered issues 1929-1933.  Magrath, Rare Periodicals

Charm  (1953:Nov., 1956:Jan., 1957:Mar.),  in Rare Periodicals

Dazed (limited holdings) Magrath Periodicals

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, Magrath periodicals.

Critical studies in fashion and beauty (also available online)

Der Bazaar    (1879, 1881-1894)  in Magrath Rare Periodicals

Delineator  (1873-1937)  in Magrath Rare Periodicals

Details  (2005 - to current issue), Magrath, Periodicals

Dress (1975 to current) and online access, Magrath Periodicals

Elle (1989-to current issue), Magrath Periodicals

Fashion practice:the journal of design, create process and the fashion industry

Fashion, style and popular culture (2014-2017) Magrath Library , Periodicals

Fashion theory:the journal of dress, body and culture Magrath Library, Periodicals

Gallery of fashion, volume 1, April 1794-1795.   in Wilson Library

Gazette de Salons:Journal Des Dames et des Modes. (1820-1938) in Magrath Rare   Periodicals.

GQ   (1931-1964) in Magrath, Rare Periodicals

Harper’s Bazaar    (1870 to current issue),  in Magrath, Rare Periodicals

Ladies Home Journal (1891-2014) (Many of early issues are missing) Magrath  Periodicals, 1st floor

Lucky (2006 - 2015)  Magrath Periodicals,

McCalls  (1924 - 1982)  in Magrath, periodicals, 1st floor

Modern Priscilla   (1891 - 1930) in  Magrath Rare Periodicals 

Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris   in Magrath, Periodicals, 1st

Voici la Mode   1933-1936  [scattered issues]  in Magrath Rare Periodicals

Vogue (London)   (2006 to current issue) Magrath, periodicals

Vogue (USA)  1910, 1912 - current. (Some missing issues, especially 1910-1915 

    and during the war years).  Located: Magrath, Periodicals, 1st floor

Woman’s Home Companion    Magrath has 1911-1957; Wilson 1898, 1911-1957.

  Sections include short novel stories, serials articles, fashion, food, family lifestyle  and homemaking. Wilson has 1898, 1911-1957.

Fashion Magazines  Available Electronically:

Costume; the Journal of the Costume Society (peer-reviewed)

Critical studies in fashion and beauty (scholarly)

Dress (peer reviewed)

Fashion practice

 Fashion studies

Fashion, style & popular culture.


Images of BoF=Images business of fashion

International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education (scholarly)


Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management


New African Women

Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris.



This is not an exhaustive list.



Print Journals That Are Contemporary, edgier fashion journals:


Vogue (British), Lulu, Worn, CR Fashion Book, CR Men’s book,  Dazed (shelved as: Quarto TT 490.D39 v.4 2014…) Fantastic Man, Garage (shelved Quarto, TT 500.G27 no.6 2014),  Gentlewoman, Grey, Hunger (shelved Quarto TT 500 H86 no.6 2014), Another Man, Majestic Disorder, Love:Fashion and Fame, Vestoj : the Journal of Sartorial Matters (shelved as:TT 500 .V47), AnotherMan, Candy   (2010- current issue, vols.2-9)   Magrath Rare Periodicals (the first fashion magazine for transversal people), W ; WeAR:A fashion workbook for professionals (2015 -- to date)


“Oh, Comely,” “Grey” and “Peppermint” are more lifestyle than fashion, but still fantastic.



Older, historical fashion journals in are Rare Periodicals.  These are available for

viewing ONLY and it is best to make arrangements before you visit.  

Art, Gout, Beaute: Feuillets de l'Elegance (1921-133)

Charm (1953:Nov, 1956, Jan, 1957 Mar/)

Der Bazaar (1879, 1881-1894)

Gallery of fashion volume 1, April 1794-1795  Located in Wilson Library only.

Gazette de Salons (1820-1938)

Gentlmens Quarterly (GQ) v.1:no.1-2 (1931-1932), v.2:no.1-3 (1932-1933), v.3-19:no.11 (1933-1949), v.20-29 (1950-1959), v.30:no.2-34 (1960-1964) and more current issues.

Ladies Home Journal  (1891-2014)  Many earlier issues are missing

McCalls (1924-1982)

Modern Priscilla (1891-1930)

Vogue (USA) 1910, 1912-current. Many earlier issues are missing.

Voici la Mode (1933-1936)

Woman's Home Companion (1911-1957)  [Wilson has 1898, 1911-1957)


Searching the Library Catalog

If you want to browse the collection, go the 2nd floor :


Quarto GT500 - 2370

Folio GT 500 - 2370

TT505 - fashion designers, fashion illustration.

Quarto TT505

Folio TT505 

Periodicals are shelved on the 1st floor (you enter the library on the Ground Floor)

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