Research Articles

Sample articles from Web of Science database saved in Zotero, CCE PPL.  Keywords "property management" and housing.


Additional articles looking specifically at costs:

News Articles

Supportive Housing - background summaries

Locate additional overview research in the Sage Knowledge platform.

Policy & Best Practice Research and Reports

State and federal policy sources

Selected Organizations

Use the following sources to locate housing providers / funders:

Selected local case examples

Multifamily Rental Comparables & Ratios

Use this database to locate financial and market reports (national and local) for Apartment Lessors: Rental & Leasing (number 531110.02). Search the word "apartment" in the search box.  Sample financial benchmark report for a national medium size rental structure; sample financial benchmark report for Minneapolis medium size rental structure.  Be sure to review the Industry & Competitor Market Data for additional benchmarking data that may be useful to your project (e.g. productivity).

In addition, review Bizminer for related property management services, such as apartment cleaning.


National Apartment Association

This national association conducts a variety of survey and reports regarding operating and capitalization benchmarks.  

Operations Insights from the National Apartment Association

2020 Income and Expense Survey  (executive summary is free; full report costs)

Search the NAAHQ site for articles on various aspects of building staff capacity/ training/ leadership as a means of improved efficiency.

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