ESCI 4104: Fossil Reptiles

Resources for ESCI 4104

UMN Library Databases

Look up your topic in these databases. You'll find books, articles, and reports that match your search terms. Use these instead of random Googling.


You can also look up your topic in these major journals...

  • Nature Very Important interdisciplinary journal.
  • Science Another Very Important interdisciplinary journal.
  • Geophysical Research Letters Important journal that covers most geoscience disciplines. From the American Geophysical Union.
  • You can also search Web of Science or Scopus for a topic and filter results for review articles.

How to read and understand scientific articles

Look Up Articles, Pay $0.00

You found an article but it says you have to pay for it. Do this instead:

If it doesn't show up, THAT'S OK. Interlibrary Loan will get the paper for you. Click the link below, choose the article form, and fill out all the article information. They'll email you the PDF! For FREE!!!

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