De-stress with Forest Bathing, Shinrin-yoku

This guide will share the art of forest bathing, Shinrin-yoku, with audio guides and the latest research.


Forest therapy is a practice that invites you to slow down and experience the natural world through your five senses without any other goal or focus. This Japanese art form and reflective practice, shinrin-yoku, loosely translates to "taking in the forest through our senses." Through nature connection experiences we can experience mental and physical aspects of wellbeing.

Take an audio guided forest bathing walk

These audio-guided forest bathing sessions were created by Joni Shaw, a Doctor of Nursing Practice student with Kristen Mastel in 2023. Prior to each session, make sure you check the weather and dress accordingly. It also is good practice to bring water and tell someone where you are going for safety.

Please listen with one earbud plugged in, so you can also enjoy the sounds of nature around you.

Suggested local locations for forest bathing:


Want an in-person session?

Kristen Mastel, Librarian at the Andersen Horticultural Library, is a forest therapy guide trained through Forest Therapy Hub. 

You can e-mail her to request an in-person session on the Twin Cities campus or zoom session at meye0539 AT


The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum also offers forest bathing experiences.

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2023 10:35 AM