UMN Libraries Self-Guided Tours

Visit the UMN Libraries and explore with a self-guided tour for a chance to win a prize!

Welcome...We have a spot for you!

Explore the campus libraries anytime! Visit and go on a self-guided tour. 

The libraries are a great place to relax between classes, reserve a group study room, print, try the Makerspaces or get a cup of coffee. And remember the website, is the place to go to get millions of online books, newspapers, journals and magazines for your research papers.

Visit a library and click below to START YOUR SELF GUIDED TOUR

East bank

West bank

St. Paul campus

UMN Libraries in 1 minute

Wilson Library on West bank

Walter Library on East bank

Magrath Library on the St. Paul campus (take the free Campus Connector bus!)

Health Sciences Library in 1 minute (east bank)

Music Library in 1 minute (west bank) 

Andersen Horticultural Library in 1 Minute

Located about 30 miles from campus in Chaska, MN at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

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