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Vinyl cutting

Cricut Maker

Design Space is asking to download a plugin but my password doesn't work.

  • Don't try to enter an admin password. Ask a staff member nearby to do this for you with a special login. 
  • You can also use your own laptop computer (to bypass an admin password) and connect to the Cricut via HDMI.

The printer won't print my sticker.

  • Check that the power light on the printer is lit. If it is, there is probably a print job stuck in the queue. Restart the computer. If that doesn't solve the problem, grab a staff member.

The blade isn't making clean cuts.

  • Remove the blade from housing the B clamp, carefully push the blade out of the housing and clean off the blade. If the cuts are still poor, replace the blade.

My sticker paper keeps getting jammed in the printer.

  • Sometimes the paper gets curly, which causes it to jam. Roll the paper up in the opposite direction and then try again.

Roland GS-24

When I try to open files, I can't see my files in the folder!

  • Click "import" instead of "open." "Open" is only for CutStudio (already processed) files.

The cutter didn't cut all of the lines I expected.

  • If it looks like the design cut off near one of the edges, this might mean that your design was outside of the boundaries the machine expected. Go back to CutStudio and make sure that all your lines aren't larger than the area the machine can use (remember that the blade can't move past the roller wheels).
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021 11:21 AM