Getting Started


Guides to Using Mendeley

  • Mendeley desktop
    • View this guide for instructions on how to add items to Mendeley from your computer; organize your documents; read, highlight, and annotate PDFs; find and import new content using the Web Importer; and sync your content across devices
  • Word Plugin
    • View this guide to learn how to use the Mendeley Word plugin to insert and edit in-text citations; create a formatted bibliography; and change citation styles. 
  • Private Groups
    • Collaborate on documents with your colleagues by sharing PDFs and citations in private groups. Users are limited to owning 5 private groups with 25 members each.
  • Public Groups
    • Use to share citations only (not PDFs) with collaborators. Users can create unlimited public groups and these groups can be publicly-findable or invitation-only. 


Last Updated: Oct 20, 2020 12:08 PM