MUS 1021: Introduction to Music

Getting started

Welcome to the MUS 1021: Introduction to Music Guide! This guide will walk you through the process of accessing and using each of the resources we discussed in class.

Questions? Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out to Jessica Abbazio, UMN's Music Librarian, at!

Although the University Libraries buildings are closed this summer, we still offer many resources that can help you with your research. Check out the tabs on the left side of this guide for help with specific, music-related tools and research strategies, and follow the links below to visit some general Libraries help pages that will assist you in getting started.

First thing's first: Why are library skills important?

Because finding relevant and trustworthy sources will help you to understand your topic – and it will make it easier to talk/write about it.

Your projects for this course require you to reflect on a number of pieces of music and to write about your thoughts. Finding relevant and trustworthy sources on your topic – as opposed to Wikipedia or the first few results for a Google search – will make it easier to get started with exploring and writing about this music. Wikipedia is an easy place to start, but it may not give you all the information you need. Diving into scholarly and peer-reviewed sources like the ones you’ll find through the Libraries is a great way to locate detailed information you can trust.

Gathering sources that are on-target for your topic will help you gain a thorough understanding of what you’d like to write about. This will make it easier to get started!

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