Premodern Studies

Premodern Studies


Premodern Studies is a complex set of methods, and theory that spans geographical boundaries, linguistic delineations and time periods. It looks at people & things emancipated from contemporary implications -- the border between the history and the commons.

This guide is a jumping-off point for work in Premodern Studies, from entering the conversation with scholars and relevant fields through research, to finding primary sources to study, and to explore collaborations and public-facing work.

Questions? Ask a librarian (e.g., André G. Wenzel) or the Center for Premodern Studies.

Good Research Habits

For Successful Research Projects

  • Become more efficient by building good research habits
  • Understand how to use Special Collections, especially at other institutions
  • Understand how to find and use Archives

Collaborations & Public-Facing Work

Explore Collaborative Efforts or Public-Facing Work

  • View Premodern Collaborations
  • Guides for Public-Facing Work

Spanning Disciplines

Discover Resources Spanning Disciplines

  • Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  • Resources by Time-Period
  • Resources by Geography

Premodern Archives in MN & the Area

Archives & Special Collections Close By

  • We have much at UMN!
  • Check out what else is locally available
  • There are some major collections in the Midwest

Special Topics

Where to Go for Topic-based Resources

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