Resilient Communities Project: Opioid epidemic, state and federal responses

This guide provides state and national background and sample best practice/policy materials to help you understand the current opioid crisis landscape in Minnesota and beyond.

Issue Overview

Use the following sources to gain a better understanding of the various issues surrounding the opioid crisis.  These sources summarize the issues, linking you to selected commentary, news, articles, video and audio content

Link here to Opposing Viewpoints Opioid Crisis content. 

The CQ Researcher is another source of current insight into the policy issue.  A recent report on the Opioid Addiction provides a Chronology as well as an excellent bibliography of sources (with links) for further review. 




Nonprofit and Government Agency Policy Reports on the Opioid Epidemic

Policy reports provide research, analysis and recommendations.  These documents are produced by academic research centers, think tanks and government agencies.  Following are a few examples.  Use the Resources in this section to find additional reports and organizations.

Statewide Response

National Response

The PolicyMap resource provides visualizations of many aspects of available opioid data.  Here we see opioid use hospitalizations in 2017.  You can also change year and variable to revise the map.

Use the following databases to locate additional policy and governmental analysis of the issues.

Policy File Index Database

PolicyMap Database (create visualizations of data)

Congressional Research Service Reports (part of Proquest Congressional database)


State and Federal Legislation / Regulation

State and federal legislation are important to review as policy and programmatic shifts (including funding) often shift as a result.  These can be good sources to locate best practices or model policies as well, particularly at the state level.


Federal Response

Want to know more about how the Minnesota Congressional Delegation is approaching the opioid epidemic?  This image from Voxgov shows you recent legislative and social media activity for each member. 


State Response

Use the following databases to locate additional sources of state and federal legislative information.

Proquest Congressional Database (for federal legislation as well as Congressional Research reports)

National Conference of State Legislatures (see specifically, the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment Database and the Injury Prevention Legislation Database | Opioid Abuse Prevention to locate state law and policy direction.


PAIS - political science and public policy resources

Research articles

These sample research review articles provide general context for both state and federal policy.  Search the databases below for additional materials.  

Use the following databases to locate more articles addressing the opioid epidemic.

PubMed - medical and public health research articles.

Web of Science - multi disciplinary - science, economics, political science research articles

World Wide Political Science - academic articles and research

Sociological literature to review academic articles regarding societal aspects


State and National News

Here are a few sample news articles.   Search the databases below for additional news from Minnesota sources and beyond.

Use the following news sources to locate more articles addressing the opioid epidemic.

Access World News (be sure to check the section specific to Minnesota news sources)

Global Newsstream

WestlawNext Campus Edition


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