Research Funding and Grants

Navigate funding and grant opportunities or questions for their projects.

Search tools

Foundation Directory Online (FDO) has detailed profiles of over 80,000 U.S. foundations and a growing number of international ones.

Pivot is a comprehensive database of funding opportunities and collaborators across many disciplines. It enables searching for global funding opportunities. For Pivot training, click this link to go to the Research & Innovation Office's webinar for UMN researchers.

SPIN contains over 40,000 funding opportunities from 10,000 federal, public, non-profit and private funders. Please note that to access SPIN off-campus, you will need to use VPN.

Local resources

Proposal development

For advice on grant writing, consider  

Open Grants, from the Moore Foundation, includes grant proposals made openly available by researchers. This resource includes proposals for foundation and society funders, as well as federal funders in the United States and internationally. 

Additional funding sources

Sources for international activities

In addition to the NIH and the European Union, also look for funding opportunities through regional organizations and governmental agencies in countries that might be interested in your research.

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024 4:59 PM