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What is the UMN Libraries Student Advisory Board?

The University of Minnesota Libraries Student Advisory Board is the undergraduate student leadership team of the UMN Libraries. Board members represent the student body and share feedback on library spaces, collections, and services. Board members also work with librarians and library staff on student engagement and outreach projects. For more information please contact Phil Dudas at

2023-2024 Cohort

Hello, my name is Sam Mandyck, and I am a junior studying Human Physiology with an intended minor in Nutrition. 

I spend most of my time working or studying at Walter Library, but when I'm not, I like to play basketball, soccer, cycle, ski, rock climb, and run! I also enjoy reading fiction and looking after my houseplants.

My name is Rachel, and I'm a senior studying Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, and Spanish Studies. I enjoy reading, swimming, gardening, spending time with friends and family, biking, knitting, and cross country skiing. This is my third year on the Student Advisory Board. I'm also a board member for the UMN Book Club!

Hi! I'm Peri and I'm currently a junior studying strategic communications, personal relations, and advertising. This is my second year on the board and have loved being able to be so involved. In my free time I love dancing and spending time with my friends and family. I am so excited to be working on the advisory board again this year and working collaboratively with all these amazing people!

Hello! I'm Lauren Sun, and I'm a senior studying Marketing, Psychology, and Strategic Management. In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, scrapbooking, and crafting Spotify playlists. My favorite place to study on campus is Walter Library. I'm super excited to be part of the Libraries Student Advisory Board again to plan engaging events for students and to enhance our library spaces!

Hello! My name is Yang Liu. I'm a junior studying Strategic Communication: Advertising and Public Relations, with an intended minor in the marketing direction of Management. I am excited to be on the Library Student Advisory Board to brainstorm activities and support the connection between the libraries and the student community.

My name is Abby, and I'm a 3rd year student at the U. This is my first year on the UMN Libraries Board, and I am so excited to be a part! I am currently studying Psychology and Public Health. I am from Bismarck, North Dakota. I am also a student worker at Walter Library. My hobbies include baking and working out. The two contradict each other more often than not. I am also a huge baseball fan. GO TWINS! 

Hi! My name is Eunice Makori and I am a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. I am super excited to join the Library Student Advisory Board this year to help other students in addition to learning more about the functioning of the UMN Libraries. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, and listening to music. 

Hi everyone! My name is Kaia Koby, and I'm from Chicago. I'm a third year at the U, and I'm majoring in psychology with a minor in family therapy. If I'm at Walter Library studying, I'll usually be in the Great Hall or the foundation level. Some of my other favorite study spots on campus include the Architecture Library in Rapson, the HSEC Library, and the Rec. I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends, trying new food, and reading. I am looking forward to spending time with other board members to come up with events hosted by the Libraries!

Hi, my name is Emma Filipiak and I'm majoring in psychology! I spend most of my time either in class, at work, or in the libraries (my favorite is Wilson). When I have some free time I enjoy running, reading, and baking. I'm currently working towards running the Twin Cities Marathon this fall, as well as baking the perfect loaf of banana bread :) This is my first year on the advisory board!

Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a senior in the Architecture program with a minor in sustainability. This is my first year sitting on the Student Advisory Board, but my second year leading the UMN Book Club and my third year as a student employee at Wilson Library—if you can't already tell, I'm very passionate about literature, and in my free time you can often find me reading. My favorite social media by far is Spotify, so if you see me out in the world don't be shy to come up and give me a music recommendation!

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