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Developing your search strategy

Break down your search into major keywords. Use AND between keywords. Use OR between synonyms.  Try many searches and try to narrow or expand your search until you find between 50 and 200 articles.

Example searches:

  • voter participation
  • political participation
  • voter turnout and minnesota
  • voting and minnesota
  • political representation
  • (mandatory or compulsory) and voting
  • (elections or voting) and minnesota
  • proportional representation
  • run-off and voting

Finding Voting Information

Issue Charges: Representation, Participation and American Democracy

Political Socialization

Example Searches:

  • political
  • socialization
  • republican
  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • ‚Äčindependent
  • ‚Äčrace
  • (african american OR black)
  • (hispanic OR latino)
  • religion
  • gender


Since 1972, voter turnout has hovered around 55% of registered voters. Many scholars have pointed to educational attainment, income, race, age, and voter apathy as well as ineffective electoral systems to explain low turnout in the United States. What would maintaining or increasing that current levels of participation look like, and what is at stake for American democracy? First, take a position on political participation. Next, the readings provide examples of policy changes that could either augment or maintain political participation. Drawing on these, and your own research, give policy recommendations to support your stance on political participation.

Electoral Reform

Voter Holiday

Voter Lottery

Internet Voting


The rise of the Tea Party movement in the 2010 midterm election, as well as the enduring popularity of Third Party candidates in presidential elections such as Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Ross Perot and others, suggests that there are segments of the United States who do not believe that their interests are represented by the two-party system. What would restructuring the electoral system in the United States look like and what is at stake for American democracy? Drawing on the readings and your own research, provide policy recommendations for the best way to restructure or maintain democratic practices in the United States. Keep in mind that all policy recommendations should be oriented towards maximizing political representation.

Third parties

Proportional representation

Instant Run-off voting


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