Journal Citation Reports helps you evaluate and compare scholarly and technical journals. JCR Science Edition contains data about more than 8,000 journals in science and technology. JCR Social Sciences Edition contains data about more than 2,600 journals

Database Information: Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

Journal Citation Reports includes citation information from approximately 12,000 scholarly and technical journals and conference proceedings from more than 3,300 publishers in over 60 countries. Journal Citation Reports includes topics in the fields of science, technology, and social sciences.

Searching Journal Citation Reports

Let's say you wanted to see to publish an article in a top-ranked journal in allergy. Here's how you'd set this up in JCR.

  • Select Categories to view a list of subjects
  • Select JCR Year
  • Submit

JCR Categories Compare


You will now see a table that lists the journals by impact factor with the top ranked journals at #1 and continuing:

JCR journal compare



Exporting Results From Journal Citation Reports

Information from JCR can be printed or exported.

  • Individual journal profiles can be printed in their entirety.  Journal profile impact factor trends or citation distributions can be printed individually.
  • Results from searches on journal categories, rankings, comparisons can be downloaded into csv or xls format. 

Saving Results/Personal Account in Journal Citation Reports

You can register for a free personal account.  With a personal account you can save "custom" reports from the compare journals feature. 

When you have selected the compare journals feature, the left navigation will change and a save button will appear.   After selecting all of the parameters, you can click on save.  A box will open up where you can name your report


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