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This guide covers search tools for research relating to the history and philosophy of sport

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Hello and welcome to the Libraries course guide for KIN 3131W: the History and Philosophy of Sport!

I'm Stephanie, your librarian for the School of Kinesiology, and I have curated this guide to help you locate helpful resources for your projects in KIN 3131W. On the left panel of the site, you can see the table of contents featuring different pages you can select to find databases, eBooks, and more.

  • The Background/Reference tab offers encyclopedias, handbooks, and reference databases that are helpful for developing your background knowledge of the topic. These sources you may find helpful for understanding the context of your research question, as well as developing key words to search in other databases. This is a great place to start gathering research.
  • The Secondary Sources tab will provide you with lists of academic databases, some general and some subject-specific, to find literature from History, Philosophy, Kinesiology and Sociology scholars. These databases are instrumental for your Annotated Bibliography and Final Report.
  • The Primary Sources offers suggestions for primary source databases the Libraries subscribes to. Primary sources, while not the focus of your assignment, may be relevant to your topic. Primary sources are first-hand accounts that reflect a direct experience of a thing, event or person. For instance, if your topic is the 1968 Olympics, newspaper articles on the Olympics during the event, video clips of an athlete competing at their event, a photograph or even a memoir could be considered a primary source.
  • Visit the Citation Assistance tab for helpful information about creating, managing, and using citations for your work.

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