Literature Searching

Overview and tips on how to conduct a literature search.


Why Do A Literature Search

Literature searching is a critical component for any research project.  It is the part of the project where you perform a thoroughly thought-out and well-organized search in the available research literature, usually conducted in a bibliographic database, to identify the depth and breadth of good quality articles and other publications on a specific topic.  Literature searching is an iterative process, where you would repeat the process a number of times to ensure that you have found, to the best of your ability, as many relevant references on your topic as possible.

The reasons for conducting a literature search are numerous and include, but are not limited to:

  • short fact-finding forays, to acquire background information on a topic,
  • getting insight into the scope and breath of the literature on a particular topic,
  • determining whether or not; or to what extent, research on a topic has already been done - --
  • to the immensely comprehensive and lengthy evidence synthesis (, such as systematic reviews.

The ultimate goal of a literature search is to gain knowledge. 

In addition, a literature search helps:

  • to clarify or refine the research problem or question under consideration,
  • checks to see if similar research has already been done on the topic,
  • verifies that this is an important problem or question which needs answering or more research,
  • highlights or fills in gaps of existing knowledge or research,
  • helps to find measurement instruments, research methods or techniques,
  • reveals/uncovers/discloses terminology related to the field/topic and,
  • identifies researchers with similar interests.


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