Lorraine Hansberry: To Sit Awhile Exhibit

A collection of resources on writer and activist, Lorraine Hansberry.


Introduction to Lorraine Hansberry and To Sit Awhile

Lorraine Hansberry Initiative’s To Sit Awhile statue by Alison Saar, celebrating the renowned American playwright and civil rights activist Lorraine Hansberry, will be at the Pillsbury House + Theater from August 16, 2022 through September 15, 2022. There will also be companion contributions from local artists and community events.

To Sit Awhile is an installation that features five chairs representing different aspects of Lorraine Hansberry’s too-short life and under-recognized legacy as a playwright, journalist, and civil rights activist for Black, female and queer voices, inviting community members to “never be afraid to sit a while and think”. 

This research guide pulls together resources related to Lorraine Hansberry's life and times, as well as contemporary discussions of her work and activism. The resources here are by no means ALL of the resources available on the many people, events, and topics connected to Lorraine Hansberry. They are just a sample to get you started on your own research journey.

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