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Getting started

Indexes & Databases

Use Indexes and databases to find journal articles for background information, analysis and reports. Do search multiple databases, as each will cover different journals.


Use multiple synonyms and related terms when searching. Many indexes use Descriptors or Subject Headings, official, consistent terms that will help you find everything on a topic, regardless of the specific words used in the abstract.

Background sources - Finding Laws

Searching the web can help you identify names of laws, legal history, various terminology, and other information to inform your searching in other databases. To limit your keyword searches by government or agency add "site:" and the extension, like this: 

Example: "higher education" which searches all MN web sites for higher education information.
Example:  "arts funding" which searches the U.S. Department of Education for arts funding information. 

Note: state governments use a mix of naming conventions. Try to get the base address for the state you're looking for. 

Background sources - Finding Articles

Finding statistics

Primary Sources - Federal

Primary Sources - State of Minnesota

Citing your sources

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