Artifact Research


This guide aims to help users begin their research on artifacts by locating, identifying, and using primary sources on material culture in the Wangensteen Historical Library and other resources.  The Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine houses more than 73,000 volumes of rare books, journals, and manuscripts on health, medicine, and biological subjects areas from 1430 to 1945.  In addition to our print collection, the Wangensteen Historical Library holds 8,000 artifacts. Our collection includes medical and surgical equipment, instruments, pharmaceutical products, and containers.

This guide will introduce research methods with objects and artifacts or even for students who wish to view printed material beyond their texts using archival and print material.

Please Note:  This guide is not a comprehensive "go-to" list for objects and artifacts within the Wangensteen Library collections, nor is this a complete guide to material culture or materiality.  This guide is meant to be an aid, an entry point that provides a sample of our library's methods and resources and how they can be utilized for research.

Resources at the Wangensteen Library

Guy's Hospital in London, 1890.  Part of the Wangensteen Library photo albums.

Still need help getting started?

We are here to help.  Don't hesitate to contact a subject specialist to help find more valuable resources, databases, or literature guides for your research topic.

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