Bullet Journaling Guide

This guide is designed to give users a background on bullet journaling, and information on upcoming workshops. Information here supports what is learned in the workshops.

What is calligraphy?

Calligraphy, sometimes referred to as brush lettering in modern-day styles, is a method of creating beautiful handwritten fonts using a variety of writing utensils. The calligraphy workshops taught at the U of M focus on brush lettering and faux lettering. See below for tutorials and instructions.

Recommended utensils:

  • Brush pens (you can find them fairly cheap at your local craft store or big box store like Target)
  • Fine point pens, markers, or pencils (to create faux calligraphy)
  • Mid size markers or pens (we recommend Crayola SuperTips or PaperMate felt tip pens)

You don't need to invest in these supplies before starting! You can learn everything with a pen and a sheet of paper, and explore on from there! If you want to try calligraphy or brush lettering using a brush pen, you can also visit the Breakerspace (basement of Walter Library) and borrow theirs.

Learn to do brush lettering

Holding a Brush Pen


7 Steps to Learn Hand Lettering


Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Basics

Learn to do faux calligraphy

Faux Calligraphy Basics


Letters A to Z in Faux Calligraphy

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