PHYS 1301W: Physics for Science and Engineering I

Off-campus access to library resources

Current University students, staff and faculty should be able to get full text and online access to the University Libraries from anywhere. Here are three ways to access the library full text from off campus.

  1. Search the University of Minnesota library website. Log in with your UMN Internet ID and password to access resources.
  2. Log in using the U of M Virtual Private Network (VPN). You will need to download it VPN software to your computer from campus OIT (Office of Information Technology).
  3. Install the Libraries' Proxy Bookmarklet to your browser and click it to reload the page with your U of M login to get access to full text. Watch a proxy bookmarklet video (3 min) to learn more. 

View examples and learn more on our How to get to full text from on and off campus Guide.

Not sure where to start?

News from scientific societies

Physics Today from the American Institute of Physics

Physics World from the Institute of Physics

Astronomy & Geophysics from the Royal Astronomical Society

AAS Nova from the American Astronomical Society

Elements from the Geochemical Society

EOS from the American Geophysical Union

Geology Today from the Geologists' Association and the Geological Society of London

BAMS from the American Meteorological Society (or view and search open access articles)

Optics and Photonics News from the Optical Society

Review articles

Annual Reviews are journals that publish review articles (overviews of a topic) only.

You can also search Web of Science or Scopus for a topic and filter results for review articles.

Introduction sections

Look up original research articles on your topic but read the introduction section first. It will provide an overview of the topic. Keep track of the articles it cites too, and look up the references that might be useful.

Use Web of Science or Google Scholar to look up primary source research articles.

Use Knovel to find overviews of common science topics (with citations).

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