Freshman Seminar: Chinese Fashion

This is a course page designed to help students taking DES 1902 with Juanjuan Wu in Fall 2020.

Tutorial: Choosing a research paper topic

Tutorial: Evaluating sources

Evaluating sources tutorial video. 3 minutes 27 seconds.

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how evaluating sources is an important part of the research process
  • Use evaluation techniques like timeliness and authority to find good sources
  • Use clues from library databases, abstracts, and articles to evaluate a source

Finding articles

An example of the wonderful articles from the databases.... so many, I posted just a few...

Books on "Chinese fashion"

Learn new skills for effective and efficient library research

Our tutorials will help you save time! Learn how to:

start your research by picking a topic and learning about scholarly articles and other types of sources

plan and organize your research with our assignment calculator and citation tools

use library databases to get scholarly information and sources on your topic

find sources including scholarly and peer reviewed articles, books, and primary sources

learn about citations and use tools to cite and manage your sources

communicate your research through presentations, posters, or visualizations

find ways to get help both in-person and online
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