Pitchbook Individual Account Creation Guide

Accessing Pitchbook (including annual password reset)

First-time UMN affiliated users must create a unique account.

You must be on campus to Create an Account and you must be currently affiliated with the UMN. Guest users may not create individual accounts but may access the database by contacting busref@umn.edu at least one day prior to your intended visit. 


**To create an account remotely, you will have to connect through the University's Full Tunnel VPN. You can find information about downloading the VPN here.**


Starting at this link you will be asked to enter your UMN username and password (if you are not already logged in).  


After entering those credentials, then you will see this PitchBook sign in page:



Use your UMN email & select a password that is different from UMN password

Then you will see this page:


Fill in the details and hit CREATE.  

You should then have access to the database.


Note, you need to create the account with a UMN email and you must be on campus or connected to the University's Full Tunnel VPN when creating the account. Future access may be either on- or off- campus.


All users will be required to reset their account after June 30 each year.

Instructions to reset password:

For students who have not graduated and still need access, the first time they sign in after July 1st, they will need to sign in by clicking on "Create an Account". From there, they will enter the same student email they've been using and may be able to use their previous password (occasionally they will be asked to create a new one). Either way, by signing in this way they are just re-activating their account for the upcoming school year. 



If you have trouble accessing the database, please send an email to busref@umn.edu

Libraries staff will work with you to resolve the issue.

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022 11:58 AM