American Indians in Minnesota: Topics and Issues

U.S Dakota Wars 1862

American Indian Boarding Schools

American Indian Movement (AIM)

The University of Minnesota Archives is partnering with the American Indian Movement Interpretive Center to house, care for, and provide access to its materials documenting the American Indian Movement (AIM). These materials include historical information about AIM, its founding members, and the establishment of the Heart of the Earth Survival School. It includes newspapers, audio/visual materials, and artwork and photography connected to AIM's history. Access to the collection is limited until it is cataloged and inventoried. For questions, please contact the University Archives

American Indian Newspapers

The American Indian Newspapers database holds newspapers from all over the country. If you are looking for information about any events in Minnesota we have listed a couple of local newspapers to help you get started.

  • Anishinabe Dee-Bah-Gee-MO-White Earth Reservation, Minnesota
  • The leading feather-White Earth, Minnesota

Below we have also local American Indian online news sources.

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