BIOL 1805: Nature of Life

Highlights of the U Libraries Web site

Libraries Web site -

  • 24/7 Chat
  • Library locations
  • Research guides by subject
  • Study spaces
  • Meet with a librarian

Finding and accessing information


  • Library search - our library catalog plus many articles
  • Research guides by subject - find databases specific to your topic
    • Examples are Web of Science or Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide

Build a search strategy

  • Databases vary in their appearance
  • Be thorough - use subject terms and synonyms
  • Build a search strategy and keep track

Other methods to find articles

  • Check the list of references of useful articles 
  • Use Web of Science or Google Scholar to locate papers that have cited useful articles 

Use the free Interlibrary Loan service to obtain items not owned by the University

Citing your sources

Cite your sources to give proper credit to earlier researchers

Many databases including Google Scholar will give you individual citations for a few commons styles

Use a citation manager such as Zotero

  • Sign up for a Zotero account
  • Build your personal database 
  • Work with Word and Google Docs to add citations to your paper
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