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Library presentation - April 2022

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Legislative History Research Tutorial:

Legislative History Tools

Finding articles on policy

Government Publications Library (in Wilson Library)

Comprehensive Guide for United States Government Information

Guide to find tools to do research on executive and agency information, legislative, judicial, historical, and more




Materials from session (September 2021)

Developing your search strategy on voting topics

Break down your search into major keywords. Use AND between keywords. Use OR between synonyms.  Try many searches and try to narrow or expand your search until you find between 50 and 200 articles.

Example searches:

  • voter participation or political participation
  • voter turnout and minnesota
  • elections and minnesota
  • political representation
  • (mandatory or compulsory) and voting
  • proportional representation
  • Social media or facebook or twitter or snapchat or tiktok
  • Politics, Elections, voting, republican, democratic
  • Fake news or misinformation
  • Example of specific Issues - immigration, culture, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, age, education
  • Identity politics
  • Political advertising
  • Contributions
  • Political engagement
  • Mail-in voting
  • Democracy
  • First amendment

Find Articles and search databases

Find Newspaper articles

Finding Voting Information

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Initiating or claiming your account  will give you access to thousands of online journals, magazines, newspapers and ebooks at the University of Minnesota Libraries. Your teacher may need to provide information to complete this step. Ask them. 

Setting up DUO

You also need to set up Duo Authentication to get access to things like your UMN email and to use many of the research tools on the U Library website. The IT Technology online help can answer questions on this. 

Tip: If you are unable to initiate your account you can find scholarly articles with Academic Search Premier, find background information on your topic with Encyclopedia Britannica Academic Edition and find Pro/Con on current issues with Points of View Reference Center.

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