CHEM 2311: Organic Lab

Finding Reaction & Property Information for Organic Compounds

Finding Research Articles in Organic Chemistry

Articles are the primary way scientists communicate research results. Use an article index or database to find articles on your topic; the citation includes article information like article title, author, journal name, issue, year, and the abstract. 

When you are starting to delve into a new subject, review articles are your best friends. Most article databases will allow you to limit your search just to this type of publication or document. The long reference lists in review articles are also a good way to identify key articles.

Web of Science is particularly useful for finding references that cite older literature as it goes back to 1900.

Resources for Writing Lab Reports

Off-Campus Access to Library Journals & Databases

In addition to going through links on the library website, we have 2 other ways to access resources from off-campus.

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