Mobile Apps for Veterinary Medicine

A guide for veterinary apps for Apple and Android devices.

Free veterinary apps

Alive ECG Vet (iOS)

This app requires requires a heart monitor for use.  Produces instant ECG readout and allows saving and sharing of ECGs.

Compendium of Veterinary Products  (iOS)
Features over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and parasiticide product monographs.

Dog CPR (iOS

Features detailed notes, pictures, and a drugs table, and provides up to date information to help veterinarians perform successful CPR on their canine patients.

Foal CPR (iOS)
A unique resource detailing at-birth CRP for foals.

Hagyard Pharmacy Mobile Formulary (iOS)
Contains equine drug indications, administration amount, route, and frequency for over 120 medications.

Merck Veterinary Manual (iOSAndroid)

Contains authoritative guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of animal disorders and diseases.

MN Urolith (iOS)

This app from the Minnesota Urolith Center allows easy and accurate prediction of urolith composition prior to removal.  Users can also easily retrieve science-supported treatment recommendations to prevent urolith recurrence. Registery with the Urolith Center ( is required to receive prompts when submitted stone results are completed.   

Target (iOSAndroid)

The Veterinary Antimicrobial Reference Guide to Effective Treatment. For treating microbial infections in small animals. 

Timeless Vet Drug Index (iOSAndroid
Evidence-based veterinary drug formulary authored by Dr. Etienne Côté, Dr. Stephen Ettinger, and Dr. Wayne Schwark.

Vet's Guide to Residue Avoidance Management (VetGRAM) (iOSAndroid)
Information resource for drugs approved in food animal species, and includes approved drug uses, government restrictions, required withdrawal times and tolerances.

Vetivex Flow Rate Calculator (iOSAndroid)
Provides assistance in calculating IV fluid requirements and infusion rates for dogs, cats and horses for veterinary professionals.  

Zoetis IV Fluid Volume Calculator (iOS)
Calculate total volume of crystalloid fluids for dogs and cats going under fluid therapy.

Paid Apps

Dog Anatomy: Canine 3D (iOSAndroid
Interactive visual reference with over 300 canine anatomical structures. Includes superficial landmarks, most superficial and deep muscles, bones, and organs.

Equine Dermatology (iOS)
Includes disease overview, clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment, and includes photo examples.  

Equine Drugs ( iOSAndroid)
Covers 405 different drugs in 625 dose regimens, and includes dose calculator function and continuous infusion calculator.

Equine Reproductive Ultrasound (iOS)
Comprehensive guide to equine female reproductive tract. Covers anestrus, transition, estrus, abnormal uterine involution, ovulation, diestrus, foal heat, and pregnancy.

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D (iOSAndroid)
This is an anatomy app that covers superficial landmarks, most muscles, the bones, and the organs.

A Vet Tool (iOS)
Contains 5 apps in 1: a small animal drug formulary; common blood value lab results for small, equine, and exotic animals; x-ray comparisons; 9 medical calculators; and a notepad.

VetPDA Calcs (iOS)
Contains 22 useful calculators for Veterinary Medicine students and professionals.

Vet Cardiology (iOS)
Information on more than 60 cardiac diseases and conditions in small animals.

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022 10:03 AM