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United Nations (UN) Depository Collection

  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is a full United Nations Depository library. This means that the UN sends to the library printed copies of all of its official records, publications and masthead documents that are designated as "depository". However, because many UN documents and publications are not included in the deposit, we supplement the depository materials with the microfiche collection described below. 
    • Find in the basement of Wilson Library Gov Pub (UN Docs) South and West Walls (see floor plan)
  • The Readex Microfiche UN Collection - this collection provides ready access to microfiche copies of UN documents covering the years 1946-1980 and 1986 to date. The microfiche collection includes virtually every document from the UN main bodies (depository or not), including "Limited" and "Restricted" documents which are generally not distributed in print. Sales publications are not included.
    • Find in the basement of Wilson Library Gov Pub Microfiche Cabinets 1-9 (see floor plan)

European Union (EU) Depository Collection

UMN-Twin Cities is a member of the EU Depository Library program. This means that since the inception of this program in 1963 the library has received one copy of each officially published work designated for deposit. Many EU publications are also available at the University of Minnesota Law Library. A majority of the EU documents can be found in the UMN library catalog. Most are housed in Wilson Library.

Canadian Depository Collection

UMN-Twin Cities was a selective depository for Canadian government publications until the depository program ceased in 2014. This means that we received print copies of selected officially published Canadian documents until 2014. Most of our collection can be found in the UMN library catalog.

Today, all Canadian documents and most UN and EU documents are only published online, so use the resources listed above to find current (and older) documents.

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